Saturday, February 15, 2014

Come on, SPRING!

It's still snowing here in New Jersey.  I like snow.  The occasional snow day is glorious.  But snow days that  are so heavy and icy and wet that the kids can't play outside and that cancel spring break days to make up school means enough already!  KnowwhatImean?  I'm excited that we got to have our valentine party on Valentine's Day (albeit with a snow delay), and I don't really mind that our days off for Presidents' Day have been cancelled because we need to get back into some routine, and eventually we will reach the 100th day of school (which will be, as of now, the 18th - was supposed to be the 12th!).

But in the meantime, one thing that has made me really happy is working on SPRING writing paper.  I've been able to wrap myself in clipart of sun, flowers, bunnies, and all things happy and springy! My seasonal papers are my best sellers, and I actually had another teacher ask if spring would be coming out soon (which was a crazy feeling - whoa!  Someone is looking forward to my next product! :D  Happy dance!), so here it is... Now we just need some sun to go with it! 
Here are some sample pages - you can click on the TpT preview to see them all!

Happy spring.... almost!
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