Saturday, October 26, 2013

Writer's Workshop Freebie!

Writer's Workshop is one of my faaaaaavorite parts of the day.  Could it be because I love to write myself? Maybe. But it feels great when a kid who didn't love writing or felt afraid of the risks of writing comes to you beaming with an idea, a sentence, a finished story!  And for the writers, helping them to infuse craft into their writing is so rewarding, it always amazes me what they come up with!
This week, I was home with my own sick lil first grader when I got an email from a colleague asking me if I could create some writing paper for her to use specifically with one of her firsties.  All of the paper that we had had too many lines and it was overwhelming him. This little boy is having some fine motor/OT difficulties and she is trying everything she can in the classroom to support him.  
It brought me right back to the many, many times before I started creating my own materials when I would be looking for a specific writing paper - not something seasonal or cutesy, but just plain paper to suit the needs of a specific child or writing unit.  I can't tell you how many Frankenpapers I made over the years by cutting and pasting this set of lines and that picture box... you know.  You have probably done it, too!
So I was more than happy to help and I wanted to send them out there to you in case they help you, too.  It's a freebie, because everyone should be able to find the paper they need to teach basic writing!  There are 8 pages with increasing amounts of lines, some with medial dotted lines and some without, one without picture space, and some with smaller picture boxes and writing spaces (like I might use for How-To writing).  Click on the pic to grab them if you can use them!
Just two of the 8 paper choices:

They're free!  Enjoy!
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