Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Love!

Like all teachers, I wear many hats at school.  One of mine happens to be Building Science Coordinator.  That means that I am the liaison to our district science supervisor and that I deal with any issues related to our FOSS and ECA science kits (such as delivery delays, missing or broken materials, buggies and plants arriving not-so-alive...).  One of the big jobs for me and my fellow Coordinators in our other buildings is to look at the Next Generation Science Standards, which New Jersey and many other states have now adopted.  In fact, I am headed to a full day workshop on those new gems at a local university at the end of the month. 
Eventually, it will be part of my job to make sure that the standards are introduced to our teachers, that they are given ideas and lessons to incorporate them, and that our curriculum is NGSS aligned.  So I figured I'd start making the newer units I create NGSS-aligned as well.  My most recent apple unit was aligned, and so is my newest unit, Pumpkins to the (Common) Core! with Next Generation Science Standards. 
Here's a look!

The unit includes (83 pages):

 *October Calendar
* Pumpkin Observation (using senses: lined & unlined included)
*Identify Parts of a Pumpkin
*Label Parts of a Pumpkin
* Making Words (with "pumpkins")
* Pumpkin Comparisons
* Informative Writing: Pumpkin Life Cycle
(Illustrated and blank for student illustrations)
* Learning About My Pumpkin (Science/Math)
* How Many Seeds in the Pumpkin? (Estimate/Count)
* Draw a Picture of Your Pumpkin (Illustration)
* Draw a Scientific Diagram of Your Pumpkin
* Pumpkin Write the Room
* Informational Text: Pumpkin Fun Facts Mini Book
* Blank Pumpkin Stationery (3 full sheets/3 half sheets)
* Using Tally Marks
* Adding with Three Addends
* Word Problems (2 pages)
* Science Experiment 1: Pumpkin/Seed Sink/Float
* Science Experiment 2: Rotting Pumpkins
* I Have/Who Has Sight Word Games
(Pre-Primer, Primer, First, Second, Third)
I can't wait to pick pumpkins with my kiddies tomorrow so that we can get started!
I also posted just the I Have/Who Has Dolch Sight Word Games (Pre-Primer to Third Grade) as a stand-alone set for anyone who may not want the entire unit:

Happy fall!!!
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