Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Teacherly Initiation

A year in the life of a teacher (add hubby and kids and TpT shop) is pretty busy and crazy, so it can be hard to remember what on earth I was doing last summer (or yesterday), but one of the very memorable things I did just about a year ago was begin my lil TpT shop!
Back then, I didn't have a nice, round logo (well, no one did... the site used square logos.  Remember?) or even exactly the same store name, but I did have ideas and the will to learn.  Fast forward a year and now my hubby are lucky enough to reap some rewards from my TpT earnings, including replacing these babies which have been with us since we first got married 16 years ago!
Oh, friends, you have served me well.  Well, mostly.  Other than the fact that for about two years now I have had to run loads through the dryer twice to actually get them dry.  But I can't complain, you have been there for me.  I hope the guys from Home Depot who hauled you away have big plans for you (or at least organ donation for your parts).

It was time.  Hubby and I brought the girls to Home Depot, and all of the appliances that light up and sing and do fancy things like... um... make ice... kept the girls occupied while we took care of ordering our new W/D set.  We had researched at home so it was pretty easy.  

Fast forward about a week to delivery day... they arrived, knocked on the door, and... the heavens opened.  I kid you not, it went from a perfectly sunny day to a horrendous rainstorm with thunder and lightning.  My hubby went out to the truck and he and the guys were stranded there!

But the heroes of Home Depot and my Handsome Hubs made it happen (thank you SO much, guys!), and here are my huge and lovely new washer and dryer!
Thank you, Tpt!!!!
 So where's the teacherly initiation in all of this?  My first wash load was... drumroll... MY CHAIR POCKETS!  I can't believe I could fit them all in one load and still have so much space! What!

Friends, I have never SEEN those suckers come out so CLEAN.  EVER!
I couldn't put them in the dryer, so here they are, all perty and clean and hanging on my lil drying rack. 
I am pretty much in awe of my new W/D and the fact that I was able to buy them with TpT earnings.  So glad I took that plunge a year ago!  Ready to jump in with your own store?  Click HERE!  Thank you, TpT!

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