Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Owl Calendar Cards {FREEBIE} Update!

Hi, guys! Back from day 2 of social studies curriculum writing and we are done!  Last summer, we realigned to the standards, articulated across grade levels to see what was repeated or missing, etc. We were pretty lucky in first grade that we didn't have any major changes other than trying to add in some Common Core ELA crossover and adding in some skills and concepts that most of us already cover anyway (like verbalizing/writing their address, which was a skill we always worked on but was not in the written curriculum). Now I am feeling like it is much more complete and specific without adding a lot of new things to teach. Plus it looks like we are getting new social studies materials, which as you know often go by the wayside when money is needed for math or ELA. Yippee!
Last night after I went to bed (after watching the first few episodes of Orange is the New Black on Netflix), something kept nagging me about the September owl calendar cards I posted.  I decided I didn't like the color (I don't think the gray was cute or energetic enough for starting the year!), so I changed the cards from green and gray to green and blue. Also, since not everyone starts in September like us, I added August so they could be used in other places for the first month of school.  I am much happier with them now! :)  Next up... calendar cards for the rest of the year!

Of course, it's a teacher trait to be a perfectionist... what things in your classroom have to be perfect (or at least start out that way)?
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