Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rainy Day

Rain, rain, go away!  It's a rare day with nothing scheduled. Handsome Hubs is working and I'm home with my girls who have off from their theater camp today (their show opens this weekend, so exciting!). I was hoping to get some house cleaning done but also to head off any sisterly bickering or boredom with lots of outside time and a trip to Michael's for some crafty goodness.  We haven't gone yet this summer so we are due for some crafty love. (And maybe we'll find some new ideas for sprucing up the classroom? Just maybe?). It looks like outside time is not gonna happen, so we're going to put on our rain boots and brave the downpour!
Speaking of classroom decorating, did you think I would leave you hanging after I posted the August and September calendar cards?  Nahh! Here's the October set:

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