Monday, August 26, 2013

My Classroom is in Scholastic Instructor! :D

I'm excited.  Like... super duper WAY excited!  I can finally share with you the video shoot that Scholastic Instructor did in my classroom last year!  It's on their website now in a brand new segment on Classroom Organization.  Here it is!
 The full article with two other classroom video tours (who are colleagues of mine with awesome classrooms!) can be found here: How To: Organize Your Classroom . Mine is the video in the middle, the "Super Organizer".  I'm going to watch that every time I feel disorganized, LOL. :)
Scholastic Instructor's editor sent me an email today to let me know that it was posted and that the print article featuring our classrooms is in the current issue of Instructor Magazines that is in the mail and on its way now! I haven't gotten to talk to Jen or Sven yet since they were posted in the late afternoon today but I'm sure they are really psyched, too.  So there is my Classroom Reveal #2!
By the way, I'm not currently on Facebook, as I took a much needed break last summer and never went back - (I feel like I've gained hours!) - but Scholastic Teacher also posted the videos there, so feel free to "Like" or comment here or there:  Scholastic Teachers Facebook Classroom Tour .
I was nervous about seeing the final product, but Scholastic are masters! Let me know what you think!
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  1. Congrats! What a beautiful video and even lovelier classroom! I would love to be a student in that class! :)
    Light A Fire

  2. Lindsey- Great video! Great classroom! Love the idea of a tissue box at each table!! Brilliant! Your room is adorable. And i love your philosophies too. Good stuff!!
    A Burst of First

  3. Loved the video! What a cozy and inspired classroom too!

    Mrs. Holder’s First Grade


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