Tuesday, August 13, 2013

No Diggity

I do like the way ya work it... but as much fun as the Teacher Week linky is, I won't be sharing my classroom digs today. :(  Boo!  But I have good reasons, I promise... First, I'm still a few weeks away from school starting, so I have a little time.  Second, I'm on vacation out of state and can't go take pics. Third, Scholastic Instructor came in last year to take pics and video for a feature on classroom setup. I'm not sure how much of what they shot they will actually use, but I can tell you that it's pretty likely they will do a better job showcasing than I could. :)  They will also be posting video on the Instructor website. So I will let you know when all that goes down.  I'm a little nervous!
I am going to share a little about the Vermont digs where we are vacationing, though. We come here every summer to get away from the heat and intensity of New Jersey (although I love NJ, don't get me wrong, it has a totally undeserved bad rep!).  Vermont is cool, not humid, and the atmosphere and people are very laid back. We love it! We wish we had won the HGTV Blog Cabin that they built here (we drove past it yesterday).  Alas, we didn't, and we still have to pay for vacations lol.
Anyway, here is the view from the balcony of our current digs:
Mountains. Nothing but green mountains and blue skies. Ahhhh...
We stay at a family resort that has daily camps for our girls, so they get to have a blast, and Handsome Hubs and I get some "us" time! Yesterday we went to the Ben & Jerry's factory. Our lucky girls get lots of Ben & Jerry's ice cream in Vermont.  It's kind of a staple...

So happy and relaxed before we both head back to school!
Handsome Hubs is a high school TV Productions/Film teacher. 
Ben & Jerry's factory has a flavor graveyard!

There are actual stone headstones for each discontinued flavor with years and a poem!

Ohhh yes.  Currently sitting out on the balcony, enjoying that view, reading Neil Gaiman's
The Ocean at the End of the Lane, drinking Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice.
It's seasonal, folks... that means fall is coming!
I am enjoying jumping around and looking at everyone else's classroom digs! It's very inspiring! :)  Thank you all for sharing!

p.s. I did get online access to my roster today.  There will probably be a few changes because our rosters are always tentative right up until school starts, mainly because we have some large apartment complexes in our sending area and new leases always begin at the start of the month, so comings and goings are common throughout the year. But I can see their school pictures if they were in our district in kindergarten and they are SO. DARN. CUTE!!!!!
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