Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fun Stuff For Firsties and Friends!

The week before the first week back is so awkward, isn't it?  That's where I am now.  We start school right after Labor Day, so it's still a week away, but I am feeling jittery and unprepared, like I always feel at this time of year.  I know the actual beginning will be exhausting, but I will be glad to get back into the routine ~ I think the anticipation is killing me!  Lol...
I've been trying to keep myself busy when I'm not in the classroom or shopping/playing with my own kiddies.  I've mentioned before that my school uses D'Nealian handwriting and I have a D'Nealian practice pack in my TpT store, but that one includes uppercase and lowercase on the same page.  To start the year, I need to focus on lowercase, so I set to work making a new handwriting book for my grade level.  It took a loonnnnngggg time this week (I have to confess, longer than I had hoped; fortunately my family is patient with me!) but it is finally finished!  Here it is:

Student cover page

A page for each lowercase alphabet letter

Includes number, color, and shape words
and sentences
That's just a few pages, it's a 40-page pack.  I'm so happy with it.  I hope my grade level buddies love it, too.  Our old handwriting pages are so blah!  Yay for cutening things up!
While I was hard at work on that, I was also spending many many hours in my classroom this past week (some of which you saw in my last post), another very good friend of mine who teaches third grade stopped in and showed me some cute things he had picked up for his new classroom theme of SOCK MONKEYS!  Oh my gosh... just click and drool:
New Sock Monkeys Collection from TREND
I am telling you, I should just work for TREND or at least get paid for how much I promote their adorable stuff!  Lol.  Anyway, I told my friend I'd make him a Sock Monkeys SMARTboard Attendance file.  I am nothing if not true to my word, so here it is!

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!  Hehe :)

Ok, now I'm headed OUTSIDE for a picnic with my family.  Time for a breath of fresh air as the weekend comes to an end!  Hope yours has been a restful one, especially those of you back in school already!

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