Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Do You D'Nealian?

I know that D'Nealian style handwriting was big for a while but it seems that not as many schools are using it now. That's not based on any actual data, just what it seems like to me. Maybe I'm wrong! In any case, my school does use D'Nealian handwriting and I am sure tired of the same old practice sheets that I've been using forever. So this summer I created my own!
The infamous D'Nealian lower case "k" can be tricky for my kiddies! They think it looks like a capital R.
I had a lot of requirements for my new worksheets, lol... I wanted something that included the arrows for correct letter formation, space to trace, space to write, AND space for the kids to think of their own words, stretch them out independently, and write them. And it had to be cute. With a little coloring in the middle for a break in handwriting monotony. :)  So... voila!  I'm pretty happy with my new set!  It also includes months, days of the week, and numbers.  You can download the preview here: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PREVIEW or find the full set in my TpT store by clicking below:

So what about your school?  Do you D'Nealian? 
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  1. Oh my gosh! You are a life saver! I have been searching and searching for a good D'Nealian pack and this is perfect! Thank you thank you thank you. :)

    Kicking it in First

  2. Great! Thank you! I hope it works well for you! :)



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