Thursday, August 8, 2013

Procrastination AKA Decorating Other People's Classrooms :)

Friends, I have not been in my classroom yet.  Well, that's not exactly true... I did stop by school to drop off a ton of laminating (our office staff does it, we are not allowed to use the laminator) and then another time to pick it all up so I could cut it out at home.  And I went in once to make sure a SMARTboard activity that I created actually works because, ya know, I don't have one of those puppies at home. (Wouldn't that be fun, though? My kids would go nuts!)  Fortunately, that time, they were cleaning my room, so I had an excuse to go home instead of working. :) 
This week coming up we are going on vacation and then we have a few weeks before school starts after Labor Day.  (For those of you who have already gone back, I feel your pain... but here in NJ we also got out the last week of June! Usually we get out a week before that, but Hurricane Sandy closed our schools for a week so we got pushed later this year.)
So while procrastinating setting up my own classroom, I have been working on some goodies for other classrooms: number posters with different themes, such as Monsters, Chevron, Wild West, Monkeys, and Pirates. The Monkey and Wild West themes have matching alphabet posters as well.  I'll be working on the other ones. If you need something, give a yell and I will get it up there! :)  Click on any of the pics below to go to the set in my TpT store.




(I don't know why my spacing went all wonky halfway through. I tried to fix it.  Sometimes Blogger is mysterious like that.)
It's funny, my own classroom is owl themed, and I haven't done an owl set yet.  I think I have too much fun playing with other themes... or else doing the owls is too much like getting ready for school and I'm still avoiding that. Hehe!  How is your room coming?  Are you back in school already?  Set up but not back yet?  Procrastinating like me?
Quick bloggy friend question for you all - Looking at the number words on these posters, do you like the text better plain (like on the chevron set) or with the handwriting guidelines (like the other sets)?  I can't decide which I like better...
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  1. Oh my stars! These number posters are TOO cute.

    Your blog is adorable as well--I've nominated you for a Liebster Award (check here for more information).

  2. These posters are way too cute! I do prefer the plain font because sometimes my firsties have a difficult time reading fancy fonts. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks, Mrs. B! I'll get a post ready for that soon! :D You're too sweet!

    I am thinking that I agree with you, Sharon... They will look cleaner without the handwriting lines. I think I will revise them. Thanks for your thoughts!


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