Friday, August 2, 2013

Alone But Together & More Calendar Cards

It's kind of funny when you first start a blog and have no followers; it's kind of like talking to yourself. Sometimes we feel that isolation in our classrooms (I admit, sometimes I feel it when I'm the only adult in the room and have to use the restroom... this past year I had kiddos 8:45 - 1:00 with no breaks! Sometimes by our 1:00 lunchtime I was dying!), but hopefully we feel a genuine camaraderie with our colleagues and other teachers out there in Internetland.  I used to run a writing blog (I love to write in my "spare time") and it took time to build up followers there, too. Yet when I did, I felt a huge sense of community and sharing, just like amongst teachers. We want each other to succeed! It's a wonderful thing. I really can't imagine working in a cutthroat field.
So I've been busy this week running my kids to and from theater camp and completing my owl calendar cards month by month. I am SO excited that a bunch of people have downloaded my August/September FREEBIE set, and I had my very first TpT sale on my September set! I know many people won't want to purchase them until the full school year is done, so I am working to make that happen as quickly as possible. They should all be up within the next few days. Right now there is an Aug/Sept (Back to School) set, September (Fall Theme), October, November, and December. Wanna see the new Sept, Nov & Dec sets?
Click on the cover pic to go to my TpT store :)

Click on the cover pic to go to my TpT store :)

Click on the cover pic to go to my TpT store :)

 I can't WAIT to show you what I got at Michael's yesterday!  It is owl heaven there!  Happy Friday!
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