Saturday, August 3, 2013

Finding What You Love

For so many of us, teaching really is a calling. Ya know? Lots of us wanted to be teachers from the time we were little (that was me, in second grade) and plenty of teachers started out in other fields and decided that this is what they truly wanted to do. It's not a job you take just because, it's a job you do with all of your heart and soul and energy.
And while we're in the place we are meant to be, many of the kiddies in our classrooms are just the opposite. Most of them have no idea yet where they are headed in life, or even what they like doing. My older daughter, Tootsie Roll, (no, I didn't really name my daughter after a candy, lol... but it is a nickname she has had at home for a long time) who is going into 6th grade this year, has tried lots of things but really found that competitive sports are not her thing. On the other hand, she dances a few nights a week and loves anything musical or theatrical.
My little one, Curly Jones (also not her real name, I promise) is going into first grade. She is looking to be a little more sporty and loves gymnastics and softball but tried children's theater this summer with her older sister and loved every minute! Today was their final performance of The Little Mermaid.
It has been really fun these past several weeks to pick them up from theater camp all smiles.  Curly Jones has decided she definitely wants to go back next year and it's pretty much a given for Tootsie Roll, who has been in six shows now.
At school, we try our best to search out our kids' interests and bring them into the classroom through our read alouds and classroom libraries and the way we tailor activities. Yes, we have lots of other needs to meet as well, and plenty of parameters to follow, but with all of the pressure we still manage to bring the joy every day and it makes our day (week/month/year) when the kids say that they love school. So kudos to all of you out there who are classroom teachers, coaches, Scout leaders, camp counselors, dance teachers, club advisors, etc... whatever you do that lets kids try things out, find what they love, and learn along the way.
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